This space is for you

Hello guys:
At the botom of this web, you will find a form where we would like to know your opinion before rating us on our social networks. This crisis that is paralyzing us all over the world, is serving us to pay more attention to you. With your sincere comments, we want to grow even more and improve our attitude and attention to you.


That is why we have put this comment box, where you can leave us all your comments and opinions, both positive and negative to be able to work on it, remember that for us your comments are our guide and without them we will not be able to improve for you. I ask you to please be as explicit and concrete as possible, for example what went wrong, who attended you and rate their attitude or if you received your order wrong, all that works for us, day and hour, as much as you can.


Although we would also like to know from you if we have been able to attend to you and exceed your expectations, that would give us great pleasure and increase our optimism in these difficult times for everyone.

Sincerely, Dominguez Family

Thank you for you support

Calafia Taqueria

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1445 Webster St, Alameda, CA